This agreement is the addition to the User Agreement published in the relevant section of this site. By accepting the terms of the User Agreement, the Client agrees to accept the Welcome Bonus Agreement.

  1. The Welcome Bonus granted by the Company to the Client’s Account is called the Delta Welcome Bonus (hereinafter the Welcome Bonus or Bonus).

1.1. While bonus is credited to the Client’s Account this Bonus Agreement is applied to any trading account that is opened under the client (in case there are more than one trading account). The following Bonus Agreement is the addition to the User Agreement. By accepting the terms of Bonus Agreement the Client also accepts the User Agreement. 

  1. Each Client of the Delta Capitals Company has the right to receive the Bonus. The maximum amount of Bonus that can be granted to the Client’s trading account is 50% from the initial deposited amount. The Bonus can be credited to the client’s trading account no later than one week after the initial deposit. The Bonus can only be credited to the Client’s Trading Account under the condition of available deposited funds to the trading account at the time the application for the Bonus is being considered by the manager.

2.1. The Client agrees that Bonus funds are the Company’s property credited to the Client’s Trading Account to secure opened trading orders and to increase the leverage on the account.

2.1.1. It is strictly prohibited to give or sell bonuses to any third party. Bonuses are tied to a specific Trading account and cannot be transferred to another Trading Account under certain conditions. The only exception is when the bonus funds being deducted by the Company when the terms of the Bonus Policy were met.

2.2. The Bonus should be considered as active (in use) after executing the first trading order on the Client’s Trading Account. The Client has the right to reject using the bonus funds before opening the first trading order. 

  1. The Bonus can be credited to any trading account regardless other types of bonuses that could have been credited (insurance or standard bonus). All bonus funds granted to the client’s account must be worked out together.
  2. While applying the permanent bonus*, the Client has the right to receive the Bonus in the amount of 50% from the deposited amount each time when the Trading Account is  replenished. The amount of Bonus that can be credited is equal to 50% of the next replenishment amount.
  3. The Client agrees and understands that any withdrawal of funds from the trading account will be temporarily unavailable until the fulfillment of all terms and conditions of the Bonus Policy.
  4. While the Company is crediting the client’s trading account with Welcome Bonus, the identification documents for account verification may not be requested for a time being however, the Company reserves the right to request such information in the future.
  5. The recorded profit from the Bonus can be withdrawn after making BUY or SELL transactions in a total volume equal to X*7 standard lots** for every 100 USD of the Bonus, where X is the Bonus amount / 100.

For example: Welcome Bonus is 1,000 USD. So, for a complete withdrawal of the profit, it is required to execute BUY or SELL operations in the amount of 70 standard lots. The operation will be considered as executed if it was being traded at the time of fixing the trade operation not less than:

  • 5 minutes for all CFD contracts;
  • 50 pips for major currency pairs (EUR \ USD, GBP \ USD, USD \ JPY, AUD \ USD, NZD \ USD, USD \ CAD, USD \ CHF), as well as for pairs with a five-digit quotation and for the pair USD \ JPY with a three-digit quotation;
  • 100 pips for cross rates (in pairs with a five-digit quotation as well as in pairs with a Japanese yen with a three-digit quotation);
  • 1500 pips for exotic currency pairs (in pairs with a five-digit quotation and currency pairs with a three-digit quotation (in which there is a Japanese yen or a Hungarian forint);
  • 150 pips for currency pairs USD \ RUB and EUR \ RUB (four-digit quotation).
  1. The profit from using the Welcome Bonus can be withdrawn without restriction when all the terms and conditions of this Agreement are fulfilled.
  2. The Company reserves the right to recall the Bonus funds without warning. In connection with this fact, the Company does not recommend to use the Bonus in the calculation of the profitability of the trading strategy. The Company is not responsible for any consequences of the cancellation of the Bonus, including Stop Out, as the credited Bonus is the company’s property.

9.1. The Company reserves the right to cancel the Client’s request to recall the bonus funds without explaining the reason***.

  1. The client agrees that if the Company detects signs or suspects the Client in abuse of the bonus program, the Company reserves the right to recall the Bonus funds and adjust the profit (obtained using the Bonus) without warning and explanation. This is possible if the profits on the account commensurate with the deposit. The client understands and recognizes the potential risks the Company takes by cancelling the bonus****.
  2. The Company has discretionary powers to calculate and distribute profits received using bonus funds from the moment of the registration of the trading account or from the moment bonus funds are credited to the account. The profits will be calculated and distributed proportionally between the Client’s real funds and bonus funds on the account. At the same time, a part of the profit proportional to the amount of the Bonus can be limited for withdrawal from the trading account until the bonus part is processed in accordance with the rules specified in clause 6 of this Agreement.
  3. The Client agrees that in case of a decrease in the level of the current funds (equity) on the account below the Bonus on the account, i.e. when reaching a point of current losses that exceed the client’s real funds on the trading account, then all funds will be calculated as bonus funds in full if there are no subsequent deposits on the account. In case the Client makes a deposit, the funds on the account are calculated and distributed between the bonuses and real funds of the Client in proportion to the amount of the replenishment and the value of the bonus funds at the time of depositing.
  4. The terms of this Agreement may be changed or supplemented without prior notice to the Client by the Company.
  5. The Welcome Bonus can be used for trading with any instruments. The Bonus is credited to the section “Credit”.

14.1. In order to have the bonus funds recalled by the Company from the Trading Account it is required to send an email request to compliance@delta-capitals.co if the number of required lots was executed. The Bonus that is requested to be recalled has to be available on the Trading Account in full size at the moment of such an inquiry. The Company can only recall the full amount of bonus, the partial deduction of bonus funds from the trading account is prohibited.

  1. The main language of the Agreement is English. In case of any discrepancies between the English version of the Agreement and its translation, the English version is considered a priority.


* To apply for a permanent bonus, the Client must contact the company with a corresponding written request

** Lot for working out the bonus is equal to the volume of 100 000 dollars / euro depending on the currency of the account

*** If on the account, apart from the Welcome Bonus there is a bonus of any other type then bonus funds are worked out together.

**** These measures are aimed at preventing fraud by Clients in relation to the Company. Their application does not mean that all accounts, getting under the cancellation of previously received Bonuses by the Company, are violators of any clauses of this Agreement. The probability of an erroneous cancellation of Bonuses in order to fight against abuse of the bonus system does not exceed 10%.